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Leadership Maturity

Charlotte Valeur

Starting with leadership maturity for leaders I explore why personal conscious values and purpose matters. 

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The Perils of Being Led by the Exceptionally Successful

Chengwei Liu

This talk highlight the risk of being led by the very successful or leaders who pursue exceptional success. Exceptional success usually cannot happen without being exceptionally lucky and pursuing them can attract bad luck and generate disasters. True leaders should understand the tradeoff and serve their followers by being content with being the second-best. 

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Eastern Angle: Why the West Needs New Thinking about Management

John Morgan

This talk highlights the failure of modern Western management to adapt to tough times, and in particular to adopt new paradigms for managers.  
Drawing parallels between continual improvement and servant leadership, it will show how both are able to advance commerce, industry and education.

Richard Claydon.jpg

The Emerging Future of Leadership. What Part Servant Leadership has to Play. 

Richard Claydon

We are experiencing two forms of leadership crisis across the globe. 

Firstly, those currently in leadership positions are struggling to deal with the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions of the globally connected world. Secondly, we are struggling to develop methods for developing the next generation of leaders, with over 80% of organisations globally admiting they are unable to develop young or global leaders. 

It's becoming increasingly apparent that the models of leadership developed over the 20th Century are no longer fit-for-purpose. Despite this, the discourse of leadership control, previously dominant in the early 20th Century through the work of Frederick Taylor, Scientfic Management and the Efficiency Experts, are re-emerging in a form of Digital Taylorism, in which the technologies of control are no longer just focused on managing the body, but the mind and spirit as well. 

A reworked theory of leadership from the 1900s is precisely not what we need today!

While such a model might be the very worst choice for the digitally transforming world, no 20th Century leadership model will provide the necessary answers.  It is becoming increasingly clear that, rather than relying on any single leadership model, we need to find a bricolage approach that taps into useful leadership models and ideas from the past to develop fit-for-purpose leadership models for the future. In this talk, I will examine what contribution Servant Leadership might make to the practice of leadership and development of future-ready leaders 

Adam Thompson.jpg

Work - Have We Fundamentally Messed it up?

Adam Thompson

Engagement scores aren't going up.  The same success stories kept getting repeated in book after book. Self-organisation is a fantasy, yet command and control is scorned.  Perhaps we're simply not built to handle this thing called organisations?  Adam's talk will cover his unique angle on these issues drawing on the similarities of a wide range of disciplines to make sense of things...and perhaps give us a way forward?

Jane Lewis 2.jpg

Trust me I'm a......Servant Leader

Jane Lewis

What difference does being a servant leader make in building and developing trust? The session gives people the opportunity to look at trust and how it is built, the benefits of having it and what happens when it is lost or absent. 

Chengwei talk
John Morgan talk
Richard Claydon talk
Adam Thompson talk
JaneLewis Talk
Charlotte Valeur talk
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It Really isn't that Simple

Patrick Hoverstadt

A look at the role and limits of leadership in the face of complex challenges. The history of why we are so fixated and fetishise leadership and how we can grow out of that. The consequences of overdependence on leadership as a solution to complex problems. Why with all its limitations there is still a legitimate and valuable role for leadership.  


Ranking and Linking- An Effective Path to Leadership

Monica Zimmerman

By using Ranking and Linking as a method for leadership, you can effectively retain top talent and scale your organization. Knowing how to mange your emotions and the emotions of your team is the foundation of successful leadership.

David Weir.jpg

Some Intercultural Foundations for Servant Leadership

David Weir

Review the bases of the philosophies and values underpinning and sustaining the practices of Servant Leadership in different cultures

David Bovis.jpg

The BTFA Cycle - How People Change, Why They Don't and What It Takes to Pull in the Same Direction

David Bovis

Alignment of action and intent, is the eternal organisational challenge we have been unable to fix with technology designed to increase management control over people and process. Now, more than ever, we need our teams to align as they work remotely. We also need people to build trust, improve relations, collaborate and become more inclusive, to boost motivation, reduce fear and protect mental health. The challenge is to remove the label such terms have inherited in the absence of the science to demonstrate the direct connection to the bottom line. No longer is well-being 'soft and fluffy'. It is the epitome of practicality.
Fortunately, very recent advances in the world of neuroscience allow us, perhaps for the first time in human history, to understand what it takes to 'be on the same page' or 'sing from the same hymn sheet' and why a 'people first' belief system in leaders contributes more to profit, sustainably, than tools, techniques and systems have been able to deliver in decades. 
In this brief overview, I will introduce you to a simple model that provides the framework for a different way of thinking, and acts as the cornerstone from which we can build a new and informed approach to alignment, change management and strategy deployment.


Why Does Servant Leadership Work So Well?

Kent Keith

A review of the evidence and reasons that servant leadership not only works, but works very well-- for all stakeholders

John Klymshyn.jpg

It's All About The LANGUAGE; How the specificity of the language we craft and deliver impacts and resonates" 

John Klymshyn

This session will be an interactive and lively exploration of the power of language. How currently effective leaders in corporations, non-profits and creative fields create connection, collaboration and deep communication. 
Drawing on years of experience and study, John Klymshyn entertains and enlightens with practical ideas, couched in amusing and resonant stories and examples. 

Patrick Hovestadt talk
Monica Zimmerman talk
David Weir talk
David Bovis talk
John Klymshyn talk
Kent Keith
Steve Glowinkowski.jpg

Behave like a Leader

Steve Glowinkowski

A look at more than 40 years of research that has shown how leaders' behaviours influence the climate (how it feels to work here) and the impact that has on the triple bottom line.  Rather than wishful thinking Steve will look at the theory of the Integrated Framework, which shows how behaviours influence performance and structure, processes and a persons predispositions (don't call it personality!) set the baseline for behaviour.

Steve Glowinklowski talk
Susan Liautaud
Susan Liautaud Photo.png

Democratising Ethics

Susan Liautaud

A talk about how leaders can make ethics accessible to all and integrate the views of all members of their organizations, and broader society, into their leadership.  A chance to look at how leadership serves beyond the immediate confines of the team and impacts all stakeholders.

Henry Ratter

In an Age of Command and Control, Servant-Leadership is a Revolutionary Act

Henry Ratter / David Physick

A look at the Glowinkowski Integrated Framework in action at various organisations.  This an expose not of how we might hope the servant-leadership plays out but the reality of people being imperfect leaders in an imperfect world and how their own predisposition (remember it's not the same personality) helps and hinders the journey to better leadership.

Bill Bellows.jpg

Leading When Driving Fails

Bill Bellows

We have become a results driven 'culture'; driven by the need to deliver 'shareholder value'.  Are we driving our organisations into the ground instead of leading them somewhere better?  As renowned systems thinker and former Deputy Director of The W. Edwards Deming Institute®.


This talk promises to propel your thinking about leadership and quality into a new space

Bill Bellows

How to Lead Change in Times of Uncertainty & Fear

Stella Bida

This last year has been filled with unexpected disruptions - while organisations and their leaders were already in a constant state of change, in order to keep their competitive advantage on their market.


While uncertainty is growing, companies continue to thrive in keeping team productivity, performance and morale up. They know that if they don’t, this would affect their mere existence.


Which actionable steps can organisations and leaders put in place confidently, to help their teams navigate change with more ease? 

Stella Bida
Penny Pullan talk

Closing Keynote Speech

Penny Pullan

A summary of the myriad of topics covered in the conference.  A challenge to pull together the various threads that will make this conference a mind expanding look at the breadth of leadership and the need to improve how we develop leaders.

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